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What will you look like when you get older?

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Have you ever wanted to know how your girlfriend or boyfriend will look 40 years from now? ... More

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Published 28 Feb 2012

Time Machine Jump To The Future is an often hilarious and sometimes scary photo and entertainment application for iPad and iPhone that shows you what you will look like in forty years. How does it do that you may ask? Well it's as simple as uploading a portrait photo into Time Machine, then aging it and then watching it on screen as it ages in front of your eyes. See, told you it was scary.
Have you ever wanted to know how your girlfriend or boyfriend will look 40 years from now? Whether she or he’ll be just like your mother or father-in-law? You can take that test now with this new iPhone and iPad application called, imaginatively enough, Time Machine Jump to the Future. Snap a photo, upload it, age it and look at the person’s face on the screen as it gets older and older. Very funny but also surprisingly realistic! Time Machine Jump to the Future  is the app that allows you  to snap a facial portrait or upload one from your compute and age it in a realistic way. Its very easy to use and has a simple and intuitive interface to guide you during the face detection phase and leads you to the editing of the image with clear and practical instructions. Thanks to the elaborated algorithms and to the accuracy of the aging simulation parameters the results are always realistic and look amazingly good. The app then allows you to share your images immediately on your favorite social networks or by sending by e-mail to your friends.
If you are a fan of the TV show Doctor Who or if you know the original Time Machine film with Rod Taylor you will have a pretty good idea what this fun photo app looks like. What you won't be aware of is the very cool and smooth transition between the picture you upload and it's transformation into you in forty years time. It could have looked cheap and cheerful whereas in actual fact it looks cool and slick. Time Machine Jump to the Future gives you the impression that you are in some kind of cyberpunk scifi film and is heaps of fun. Oh and don't, whatever you do, tell your partner that they are going to end up looking like their mother in forty years. That won't go down well.

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