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Published 2 May 2012

Time To Enjoy is an event schedule app for people who have some spare time on their hands. But while it could quite easily be used as an event finder and schedule calendar in your home town, where it comes in really handy is if you are on holiday or spending some time in an area you don't know so well. Time To Enjoy transforms your mobile into a source of information to search, plan and book your day's activities based on where you are in the world and what you would like to do. 
While Time To Enjoy is useful for searching out events in your local area, where it really comes into its own is if you are traveling in a place you don't know too well. It transforms your mobile or phone calendar into a search engine for fun events. Find some free time and simply tap to search for concerts, theater, kid’s activities, movies, conferences, art shows, special events and more. If you are traveling you can set a search radius depending on how far you are willing to go and you can set your search preferences based on what you enjoy. Let's face it, we really don't utilize the commodities around us when it comes to things like entertainment. What tends to happen is you hunt up that special event - it may be a concert, the theatre or even just a movie - then scour the newspapers to see...