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Published 2 May 2012

[cont'd] what's on. Then you have to find a phone number for the place or a  website to book your tickets. By the time youve done that you have wasted half the day. Time To Enjoy lives up to it's name and there is no more wading through superfluous stuff in the newspapers and internet that you are not interested in - Time To Enjoy delivers everything you want in the one place.
All you really need to do with Time To Enjoy is to choose a date and time you are available and then simply tap to search for events. When you discover something you like tap it to add it back to your calendar. If you are ready to have fun simply tap to invite friends and family. You can search, schedule and share all within seconds. The bottom line here is Time To Enjoy's time saving and organizational abilities. It delivers all the information you need in the one place. This free mobile app is perfect for travelers in a new town.