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If you're studying history, here's an essential new app to help you

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Time Travel - Chronicles is a timeline app for iPhone with unique features which will be a must ... More

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Published 14 May 2019

We get to see a complete range of apps here at FeedMyApp that range from business to games to social. Some are the work of a team of developers whose aim is to make abusiness run smoothly and encourage you to spend and make more money. Some are put together by enthusiastic individuals who just want to create some fun while others turn out to be altruistic labours of love that help one to understand the way the world works. Time Travel - Chronicles probably falls into the latter basket.

If you are studying history you will be fully aware of the amount of research that is required to get all the information that you need to complete your studies. Going from one website or book to another, taking copious amounts of notes, putting everything in chronological order so you can understand how all the relevant events that were happening at the time affected your subject matter. It's a time consuming and arduous task. However, Time Travel - Chronicles - a new educational and historical app for iOS - is now on the market and it's an app that will make your studying a heck of a lot easier.

Time Travel is a very useful timeline app for iOS that features a multi-layered structure of timetables that lets you zoom in and out of a time period to study the history of the age as well as giving a chronological analysis of concurrent events. Thisexcellent app lets you scale up from...