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If you're studying history, here's an essential new app to help you

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Published 14 May 2019

[cont'd] Google Image and YouTube. Tap the 'play' button to view a chronological sequence of events. 

Time Travel - Chronicles is a wonderful app for anyone interested or studying history. Not only does it give you specific details of an event in time, it also shows all the other things going on at the time that may have affected your subject matter. The app itself is easy to navigate and, while its simplicity is one of its strongest points, it delivers a remarkable amount of detail within a few clicks. No longer will you have to switch between text books or websites to get the information that you're looking for. It really is an essential tool for anyone studying. Time Travel is available for free right now for iPhone and iPad at the App Store. 

Here's a couple of YouTube videos to give you an idea of how useful this app is. "Time Travel - Chronicles : 30 seconds” (0:31)



"Time Travel - Chronicles : introduction” (8:28)