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Published 17 Oct 2011

I think we’d all agree anything that helps lawyers to keep an accurate record of their time is a welcome addition to the app world? When their meters are running they don’t tend to tick over in loose change!

Time59 is an online time tracking and billing system for solo professionals and aimed fairly clearly at the legal profession although any consultant type business billing by the hour would be equally catered for.

Unlike a lot of time tracking apps though this one doesn’t use a timer and worked hours need to be manually entered into the system. Once that’s done however the rest of the cycle is fully automated. Other expenses relating to a client’s case can also be entered.

From the dashboard it’s easy to access the time records of all clients or narrow the data down on a client by client basis. It is also possible to view the details for any particular period chosen.

The information logged flows through to the invoice function without the need for any more data entry. Time59 allows for users to raise LEDES (Legal Electronic Data Exchange Standard) invoices which can be emailed as a PDF. Once sent, the accounts receivable feature keeps track of outstanding amounts and all accounts are updated on receipt of payment.

The app also handles practice trust accounts as well and deposits can be easily recorded. Invoices can then be allocated to any relevant credit balances when raised. Users can view individual balances or the practice trust account position as a whole.

The app is available on most mobile phones making it easy for lawyers to log time and also generate invoices on their way between the office and court!

I think all the evidence shows that this has some good attributes for the legal profession and all for only $49.95 a year.

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