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One of the largest controllable expenses for any business is payroll costs. This is where a system like TimeBison comes in helping you to take control of your time and attendance making sure your company does not pay employees more than the hours they actually worked. Look at it as an modern alternative to paper timesheets or wall mounted time clock.

TimeBison is a time and attendance system for companies with more than five hourly employees. It makes your employees punch in and out in real-time. The manager then reviews the timecards and approves them for payroll. This web-based system automatically calculates overtime and gross pay. It also automatically calculates accrued sick and vacation time. Employees can redeem accrued sick and vacation time using an easy self-service screen, without involving the managers.

Being truly web-based, TimeBison is always on and always accessible via any device or computer by both employees and managers. There is no need to invest in additional equipment. It works on Windows, Macs, iPhones, iPads, Android phones and tables, Blackberry and Windows Phone, just to name a few.

TimeBison is free to try for 30 days, no credit card required. Should you like it, the subscription fee is $7 per active employee per month thereafter. The web site allows you to sign up for a new trial account and instantly have a full-featured time & attendance system ready to use.

Last updated 2 Nov 2015

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