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Great new Free Addictive game to teach kids Math Times Tables!
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Published 12 Sep 2012

While no one wants to rob kids of their childhood years there is little doubt that the earlier they start learning the better. And, while many parents spend a lot of time reading to their children and starting them off on the road to learning simple words, it's often math that gets left behind. You only have to look at some of the Asian countries who grasp the math concept far quicker than their western counterparts to see how important it is later on in life. Back in the 'old days' times tables were learned on a rote basis with children remembering tables by endlessly speaking...one two is two, two two's are four etcetera. They don't do that anymore. Times Table Match is a fun and addictive education and learning game that uses the flip card method to teach kids their times tables and adds a lot of fun to, what is, a rather tedious exercise for kids.
In the first 3 years of school, students need time to play with and develop their understanding of the concepts of multiplication and division. How do they work? What do they look like and where in the real world do we use these processes? Times Table Match is a great new, free and rather addictive fun game for iPhone and the very child friendly iPad that helps to teach kids their math times tables! This new app is simple and easy to use and helps your kids...