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A paperless next generation staff leaver planner

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Timetastic is a simple online staff leave planner. It allows you to request time off work and ... More

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Published 5 Jul 2012

If you are a 'canny' small business person with an app-friendly mentality you will probably have utilized all the amazing free apps that are available for you to help you run your business smoother and more efficiently. If you have a modicum of computer skills (and, I presume you do if you are reading this) you would be crazy not to take advantage of them to give you a leg up over your competitors. Timetastic is another one of those simple yet effective business tools - its an online staff leave planner - that it would be silly to ignore. While you could stick with your messy spread sheets, printed forms and phone calls, why would you when you could let this holiday planner do it for you.  Lets face it, theres little more demoralizing for the small business owner to realize on a Friday that two of your top line staff have days booked off for the following week. They assure you that they both spoke to you about it weeks ago, of course. If only it were on the computer. Timetastic is a simple online staff leave planner that will replace the tired old paper and spreadsheet based system. It's going to be the way way you organize holiday leave and rostered days off at some point in the future so why not get ahead of the pack and get in first.  It allows you to request time off work and manage staff leave allowances from the web or...