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Published 19 Feb 2013

[cont'd] show you just what is on and what your options are. It could be a certain restaurant with a comedy gig afterwards in the same area or a show in the West End followed by a late night jazz gig up the road. Timista is a hyper-intelligent and  intuitive time search engine that just happens to be easy to use and incredibly user-friendly. Just fill in the three boxes asking when, where and how many people and the app finds venues and events that work well together - all of them within walking distance and at a price to suit you.
Here's an app that has been built and designed in London by true Londoners and aims to provide a slightly different look at the geolocalization app. Timista is a real-time app that delivers entertainment based on where you are going to be in London. Rather than taking London as one big city, the app splits the place up into areas and provides all the entertainment in specific places. This means not having to race half way across town to get from the play in Soho to the restaurant in Crouch End at the appointed time. Timista gives you all the restaurants in and around Soho so you can relax, watch your she and get to the restaurant on time. It's a more sensible way of making the most of your free time in one of the biggest cities in the world.