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Donate to your favorite charity by getting business to pay

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Tinbox is a mobile app that allows every users to give a free corporate-sponsored dollar to ... More

Editor's review

Published 12 Apr 2016

I don't know about you but I've lost count of the amount of phone calls I get every week asking for charitable donations. As Governments pull back on their funding of notable causes, the onus falls more and more onto the individual to make up the shortfall. I'm sure we'd all like to reach into our pockets to help out but that's not always possible because of our financial situations. So, how about if we could find a way to hand over some cash to worthy causes every day by getting businesses to foot the bill?

Tinbox is a new mobile app for iOS and Android that lets users give a free corporate-sponsored dollar to charity, every day in just under 20 seconds. Every day you can simply pick a project you’d like to support and you'll see the logo of the project’s sponsor on your screen for 5 seconds. In payment, the sponsor will donate €$1 to your chosen project on your behalf without you having to pay even one cent.

The app was put together at Warwick University in the UK by a couple of philanthropic entrepreneurs and launched last year in Paris with the aim of encouraging businesses to hand over some cash to charity whilst getting some cheap advertising as well as improving their worldwide image and brand perception. Getting sponsors on board hasn't been a problem so far with software developers SAP committing to fund 10,000 clicks and with many other major brands ready to sign up. It's not all about the big boys either with many small businesses who are keen to support more localized charities.

There are plenty of other charitable websites that offer 'click to donate' services. All you have to do is to watch a video to fund a cause. However, sometimes the video can be quite long and often you are not too sure how much you are actually donating. TinBox simplifies both of these situations by limiting the brand exposure to 5 seconds and coming up with a guaranteed dollar to be handed over to the cause. All you have to do is to spend 20 seconds or so every day and you've helped donate $365 or more to important causes.

I love it when entrepreneurs come up with brilliant ideas - and, make no bones about it - TinBox is a brilliant idea. We all WANT to give money to people who are less fortunate than ourselves but it's not always possible given our own monetary situations. What's more, it can be time consuming and bothersome to fish out credit card details or have to listen to the lengthy phone spiels from charity workers. TinBox let's others pay and all you have to do is watch a 5 second visual bite on your mobile and take a whole 20 seconds out of your daily routine. Sounds good to me. TinBox is in beta mode right now and is limited to the San Francisco Bay area but it would be great to see it expanded all over the US and go on to conquer the world. I'm in if you are.

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