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Tinder is a new generation collaboration platform for teams and businesses. Upload files and ... More

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Published 26 Aug 2012

I could make a bad New Zealand joke here and say that Tinder is how Kiwis like their meat and their women ... but I won't. Tinder is, in fact a rather useful cloud-based document management application that specializes in encouraging its collaborative side. Tinder is a great set of collaborative tools that are designed to bring colleagues and customers together,  wherever they are and whenever they want, to keep everyone in the know. And what's more, it's free for small businesses with teams of 5 or less people.
Tinder is a next generation social collaboration platform for your team or organization. It is a platform for teams and businesses of all sizes but especially good for smaller teams. The aim is to help you get work done by letting you discuss and share content with your colleagues. Tinder lets you upload files and documents and structure them however you want within a cloud based platform. You can create groups and discuss specific topics and get notified when something you're interested in happens and do it all in real time! Tinder is great for bringing colleagues and customers closer together and perfect for people who are regularly away from the office and on the move. Just log into Tinder and it will be like you never left the office.  Its simple to share any files and store them in the cloud and your files can be previewed in the browser without even having to download them.  The flexible structure means you can change your content according to your needs and change it at any time to match new needs and requirements.
If you were a canny small business person you probably should be taking a note of apps like Tinder. There are quite a few really useful business apps that are totally free for small teams and Tinder is one of them. It's easy to use with a nice clean interface and provides great communication and collaboration with colleagues and clients if you wish. This cloud-based document management could be just the thing to aid your collaborative skills especially if you have someone out on the road. It's cloud storage means it can be accessed from anywhere and anytime...even in New Zealand while you are eating your fush und chups.

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