Developer description

In just 5 minutes a day you can learn anything:

Tiny Terms breaks down long and complex lists of terms into very manageable flashcards. You can then style those cards visually with colours and glyphs to assist with memorisation. Wikipedia and dictionary API integrations provide deep contextual information so you can fully research each term right within the app.

Structure and track your learning:

With spaced repetition and reminders your learning is structured throughout the day. Daily tests and in depth stats ensure you are on track. As you earn points you can use them to unlock cool stuff in the store. Tiny Terms is free and does not use ads. You can learn one of the existing lists which come packed with images and helpful info or upload your own.

Some of the features:

•  Learn just a handful of terms each day with spaced repetition
•  Wikipedia and dictionary API integrations provide endless learning
•  Customise your learning with relevant colours and glyphs
•  Images, tables, lists - any type of content can be used
•  Check your progress with daily tests and detailed stats
•  Unlock cool stuff in the store, free to use and with no ads

Last updated 26 Jun 2017

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