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Teach your youngsters about nature while improving their cordination skills

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We are here to present you a classic seek-and-find game our team ... More

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Published 19 Jun 2018

If you look online to search for the pros and cons of allowing young kids to play games online you will find as many positive comments as you will find negative ones. Some will say that kids should be playing with physical toys and interacting with their parents rather than being immersed in a virtual world on a computer. Others will say that kids should be outside enjoying the big wide world rather than stuck on the couch with an iPad in their sticky hands. However, many experts say that when kids play well thought out educational games it can improve their problem solving and strategic thinking skills as well as improving hand / eye coordination. When they are done well, ‘seek and find’ games are perfect for the younger generation and here we have a very colourful educational game for kids aged 3 and up that aims to improve their observational skills as well as their attention to detail while offering an awful lot of fun in the process.

Tiny Traveler is an engaging and beautiful looking free kids game for Android and iOS that’s well worth investigating. This seek and find app helps kids find and identify a whole bunch of cool wildlife in a series of attention grabbing locations. The idea of the game is for kids to work their way through a series of very different locations and to identify and match a whole bunch of wildlife in their natural environments on the page. Once they have...