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Teach your youngsters about nature while improving their cordination skills

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Published 19 Jun 2018

[cont'd] located them – it could be a colorful fish, a shellfish or a bird - they can simply drag it down to the matching icon at the bottom of the screen and watch it disappear. There’s no specific time limit on the game and kids can move on to the next scene as soon as they’ve identified and matched all the characters on the screen. However, there is a ticking clock on the screen that tells parents just how long little Jimmy or Jenny has been playing for. 

Locations range from an underwater scene with seahorses and clown fish, a snowy town in winter, an action-packed summer funfair, a toy store filled with goodies, an autumnal forest, a farm full of animals and a beach scene with everything that comes with it. Once the scene is set your child will identify the fauna to be matched at the bottom of the screen and cab then search all over the picture to find the identical image before tugging it to the relevant image and ‘capturing’ it.  Kids will learn about how animals live in the wild whilst having a whale of a time searching the scene.

This beautifully animated game not only shows a myriad of animals, birds and underwater creatures in their natural environments but also goes someway towards teaching them about the various seasons and their environment. In fact, Tiny Traveler turns into a virtual encyclopedia of nature and teaches children about the world of nature...