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Developer description

tinymap.net allows you to create a map and save it for viewing by yourself or others later on. You can trace out a path with way-points or mark out a point of interest with a graphic icon, and add notes for any of the points. Once you are done, you save the map just as you would like to see it when you return.

Narrow down your location: Use the search box to narrow down your location. Type it in like you would give someone your full address. If you use the locate button you will zoom in on the area around that address; if you use the way-point button a new point will be added to your way-point line.
Explore the map: The map will zoom in on your specified location. Remember you can use the buttons to go to an alternative view, such as satellite imagery.
Select from the toolbox: You can now start adding way-points and points of interest. Simply select the type of icon you want, and click where you want it on the map. You can change the colour of the line connecting way-points with the slider bars.
Add your way-points and points of interest: When you click on the map, your selected way-point will be added, and subsequent way-points will be connected via a line. Points of interest work in the same way, but are not connected to your line. You can click on any way-point or point of interest to add a short note or, if you make a mistake, delete that point.
Name and passwords: You can give your map a short name, to describe what it is about. You can optionally add a password to view the map, and if you wish to delete the map later, a password that can be used to remove it from the system.
Save: Firstly, get the map panel looking like you want — the current viewport, zoom level and map style will be saved along with your way-points. Once you save, you will be given a URL (web address) which you can use view your map whenever you want.
Get to it! Copy your new URL and pass it to friends, or add a link to it from your own website!

Last updated 13 Jul 2010