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This is the world first real-time subtitles search engine. This nifty little site grabs all the ... More

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Published 5 Nov 2011

Now here's a very useful movie site for the hearing impaired or non English speaking viewers. When I was running DVD stores it was a regular event for people to come in and ask if a certain film had subtitles in a specific language.  Sometimes because there was someone at home who was a bit deaf, sometimes because they didn't speak any English. Then there were the people who just wanted to learn a language by watching a movie. All those problems can be solved with the real time subtitle search engine TinySubs which grabs all the subtitles you'll ever need from countries all around the world.
TinySubs is the world first real-time subtitles search engine. This nifty little movie search tool grabs all the subtitles you want from reliable sources in real time. TinySubs is not limited to movie subtitles either. There are heaps of tv series in here too. All listed very neatly under title, series and episode so they are really easy to find. I plugged into the very fast engine a title of a reasonably new film and was presented with pages and pages of subtitles available from virtually every country under the sun and in every conceivable language...very impressive.TinySubs is incredible easy and user friendly. You can either search for a specific movie or tv series or you can pick a language and all available films under that language will be listed for you. Alternatively you can zone in on one of the thirty or so sites that TinySubs draws it's subtitles from.

I love apps that fill a hole in the market. TinySubs certainly does that in spades by searching for the specific subtitling you want for the film you want to watch. If by some chance there is no subtitle is available in the language you desire you can leave them your email address and they'll get back to you when they find it. So when you are looking for that copy of Elizabethtown in Mandarin you'll know where to find it. A free tool for the true movie fan.

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