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Email isn't dead, but its inefficiencies are killing us. Today, Tipbit launched our newest iOS update, which includes instantaneous search capabilities and improved usability. Influenced by direct customer feedback, the new update helps Tipbit complete their mission of making mobile email as easy and user-friendly as it should be. The improved search capabilities will save users the time and stress spent digging through an inbox for a particular email or contact details. It will also make email personal again, with links to social profiles and conversation history, making business introductions and follow up as simple as one tap. With the ability to easily search for a contact and the power to match interactions based on a phone number, the user experience is improved and the human connectivity element is effortless.
The new Tipbit app increases mobile productivity by finding the exact information a consumer needs to send with a more informed and responsive reply. Each email you view in Tipbit has four available content pieces you can access without leaving the app:
-Find contacts social accounts and common connections
-Locate previous emails you have exchanged with your contact
-Rediscover previous meetings you have had with your contact
-Track down any related Attachments or Dropbox documents from the conversation
When corresponding with a specific person, Tipbit can show every email you've sent or received from them with just a tap of a button. Want to know the last time you met with your children's teacher, or the last email you sent to your boss? Simply check your frequent contacts, a keyword or the date and Tipbit will pull all recent emails, documents and calendar invite pertaining to that search. It's like having a personal assistant in the palm of your hand.
With these new features and updates, Tipbit makes sophisticated and complicated searches as simple as a tap (all while alleviating the stress of the dreaded and sluggish inbox search). Tipbit is putting the personal touch back in email. The advanced search feature helps form engaging relationships, giving users the ability to access relevant personal information from social networks, past conversations, and attachments. Access to mutual connections, shared contacts and recent tweets make mobile communication seem human again.
Now, before you sit down for a meeting, you're able to reference the first time you met years ago, the attachment they sent 6-months ago or their recent tweet about the economy or even their child's softball game - helping you get the most out of each conversation and meeting. In addition to the enhanced search capability, the Tipbit 3.1 update also includes easier navigation between email, calendar and contacts as well as improved people results.
Get to a place where the human element in email is restored. Rather than blindly responding or marking to never ‘read later', create thoughtful responses and interactions with the swipe of a finger. People want their conversations and ideas to be remembered, and now with the new interactive searches, it's instantaneous.

Last updated 18 Jan 2015

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