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Published 16 Aug 2012

I wonder how long it will be before Apple take over the world. One thing that's for sure is that their profile has increased expedentially since the unfortunate death of former leader Steve Jobs. But the thing about Macs is that they do what they do so damned well -  and believe me they do a lot. And that brings us to this new app named Tips & Tricks for OSX Mountain Lion where you can discover all the inside knowledge on Mac's super dooper operating system Mountain Lion.
Whether you are already using Apple's new Mountain Lion operating system or planning to download it, it makes rather good sense to find out what it does and how best it can serve you, before clicking the download button. With over 200 updates and improvements from the previous version you can see that there is a lot to discover. The emphasis on this version is in symbiosis with iOS, from which it takes all its best features, such as Notification Center, the most important, and also Reminders, Notes, a completely renewed Safari and much much more! Tips & Tricks for OS X Mountain Lion is a great way to discover everyday tips, tricks, secrets and suggestions for the new OS right from your iDevice! The app contains a list with all the tips and the tricks currently known, grouped by categories and ordered alphabetically in order to keep the navigation as easy as possible. You can also send tips & tricks not yet listed in the app, right from the app itself with content being constantly updated.
Well, Tips & Tricks for OS X Mountain Lion certainly lives up to its name. I don't know about other users but I seem to discover something new every time I use my Mac - there are so many funny little logical pieces of brilliance amongst the plethora of goodies that an operating system comes with. It would have been useful to know some of them a couple of years ago and that's where this Mac knowledge and tips app really proves its worth. Let's face it, we will all probably switch over to it sooner or later so it would be useful to know what it can deliver before we commit, don't you think?

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