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Published 26 Dec 2012

I used to work with a guy who I once described in a newsletter as someone who knew a little bit about everything. If he didn't know enough about the subject, he always seemed to know where to get that information from. Strangely, he took umbridge at my observation, but I think that there is something admirable about having a broad spectrum of knowledge. And a broad spectrum of knowledge is a phrase you could easily associate with Tipspedia because, while it may not contain the answers to all of life's questions, it does provide an expert to help you make the right decision. This knowledge guide for iOS is a unique and innovative app that provides solutions to problems, answers to questions and valuable tips given by experienced experts in the field.
I'm sure we all have occasions in our lives where we are literally flummoxed as to what is the right path to go down or, on a more material note, which item to purchase or which bank is the most suitable for your specific needs. Whatever it is you need information on, there is someone at Tipspedia who has had some experience on the subject and is willing to offer some advice. This unique and truly innovative app provides timely solutions, ideas and valuable tips when you need them the most. Up until now when a sticky problem has arisen, your first reaction isn't to ask your mother or a workmate anymore. Now we are into the world of the Internet we can simply Google questions or go to a variety of websites to find the answer. Tipspedia is a one-stop information app for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch that means you don’t have to look in lots of different places to get the best answers and ideas to your question and help you make an informed decision. Search various categories from investments and car buying to culinary advice and dating to obtain answers quickly from professionals and experts and store them for perusal later or to share with your friends. The information is constantly updated so that the latest available knowledge is right there at your fingertips straight away.
We who live in big cities often have copious amounts of information at our fingertips but fail to use it properly...probably because we are lazy and a bit blaze about it. Tipspedia aggregates all that online information into one place for us poor unfortunate city dwellers. But for those who live a little off the beaten track this app is a bit of a Godsend providing answers that many wouldn't have a chance of finding out in their local communities. Tipspedia is a well organized knowledge app that provides answers to investment problems, what to cook with your Christmas leftovers or where to go on that trip to Australia that you've been promising to make for years. Tipspedia gives you useful tips and advice - fast!

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