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Tittat is an opinion sharing platform that has various opinions on you and people that you are ... More

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Published 18 Dec 2013

Tittat is an opinions sharing application with a bit of a difference. Rather than being one of the many apps available that test how people feel about things, Tittat deals with people. To my mind, this iOS application is a three-pronged trident. It's a place where you can go to see what people are saying about you or the people that you know. Where it could come in even more useful though, is by telling you things about someone you've just come in contact with or are just about to meet. Do they have a dodgy background? Have they been married before? Is the business they are doing legal and above board or is there something a little shady about them? Tittat delivers anonymous opinions and gives you an idea whether the person you are interested in  is good, bad or just plain ugly.
Tittat is a unique, opinion sharing platform for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch that aims to deliver the truth - whether it be good or bad - about you, the people you know or the people you are likely to meet. This social networking app features a number of different options to find out what people are really saying out there in the big wide world. It can offer various personal opinions about people that might be of interest to you that are sent in by totally anonymous users. This doesn't mean that people can just go and spread malicious lies or mistruths about...