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Published 19 Oct 2011

[cont'd] no longer enough they set out to create a full user created and managed database. By January 2009, they had launched "version 1" and a number of API methods. Support for TMDb continued to grow and most of the world's media centers started introducing support along with hundreds of 3rd party applications.

It's always good to have an impartial view - especially when we are talking movies. Everyone has their own view. The real beauty of TMDb though is it's attractive interface. Whereas, IMDB tends to be messy and unattractive to plough through, themoviedb is clean, sharp and modern. It gives you all the information that other sites give but in a simpler more user-friendly way. Reviews, pictures, links to trailers etc. TMDb is an excellent alternative to bigger sites with the added bonus of it's user contributions.