Developer description

Tired of repeatedly forgetting what to buy from several stores? How many times did you pass nearby a shop and missed that something you had to buy?

'To Buy List' is the perfect shopping list app for you! This app will help you create and neatly organize your shopping lists. The app is designed to quickly create and remember your recent shopping list items.

Add your shops to the app's shop (by listing it's name, select its category and location on Google Map) repository so that you can assign them to your shopping lists and the app will remind you of the shopping to be done!

When in shopping mode, you can choose the list which you need and start striking out items you have put in your shopping bag or trolley with a tap. Edit shopping items on the go, such as pricing, item category, unit, shop, priority/importance and perhaps some notes on the item.

Want to share your shopping list? No problem! Simply you the shopping list app's share feature to send it via messenger, email or text message.

In a nutshell, this app offers you these great features:

- Quickly create shopping lists
- Manage and assign shops to these shopping lists
- Create shops for different categories and locate/view them on map
- Activate Shopping Mode for easy list access and strike out shopped items with a single tap
- Add sales tax
- Share your shopping lists via email, messenger and other apps

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Last updated 6 Aug 2015

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