Developer description

Toddler Fishing is a addictive toddlers game where fishing can be done and grow those fishes as a pet in the aquarium. Using your finger move the basket and catch the fishes. It is a highly entertaining game for toddlers,kids and Adult. Also maintain a aquarium and grow beautiful fishes.
How to play: You have to catch the fish by your basket. Using your finger move the baskets and catch the fishes! You are able to freeze the fishes by tapping on them! Be careful everyday need to feed the fishes in the aquarium otherwise its death! Using the coins to buy the fish food for feeding!
*Aquarium enabled where feeding the fish is possible!
Different types of fishes!
*Nice graphics and sounds!
*Freeze the fish!
Try this awesome game!
You will keep on playing this game that much addictive game it is!!

Last updated 13 Mar 2015