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Published 29 Apr 2012

Some people are born to organize events and planning meetings - the rest of us can sometimes need a little help. Those people born to it are usually the same ones that know what to buy when someone is leaving but those types don't come along all the time. That's when it is time to turn to an event organize application like Together. Developed for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch, Together is a free app for planning and organizing events whether they be business meetings, seminars or a get together with your friends.
Together is a free app for planning and organization that makes creating your events easier. It can be time consuming and frustrating when planning meetings or get-togethers? Even the simple things like deciding on a time and place that works for everyone can be hard without help and an even greater hassle to notify everyone through phone or text. Then there are the panicked calls asking "Where are you?" five minutes before you are meant to be meeting up. Together lets you  set up circles of friends or colleagues which ultimately creates an improved and streamlined method of sorting through your contacts. You can create circles for meetings, get togethers or just a night out at a bar all within the one app meaning it can be used as a business as well as a social appendage. Notify members of an event of its location and time so you can quickly and easily meet up. No longer will you need to call and text each and every person to get a message across and every user will have a personal QR code. With a few swipes and clicks of a button everyone in the event will be notified right away. On the day of the event, Together will send a reminder to all participants and opening the app will display a map to the precise location. Members can stay updated with their location statuses in real time and you won’t be making any more frantic calls asking "Are you here yet?" Once the event has started the location updates will be automatically shut off to protect personal privacy. A quick snapshot of another user's code is all that is needed for the two to become friends and exchanging names, phone numbers and e-mail addresses cannot be simpler. Then you can add them to the specific circle created.  Each event you create will include its own group messaging function allowing members to post anything from last-minute updates to event photos. All uploaded media will be saved to the event and its circle allowing for quick and easy future retrieval. After the event is over all of its content will be saved; the group chats can continue and users can keep posting pictures and messages until the next event.
One of the best things about Together is its functionality as a personal or business tool which means you will probably use it more often than other similar event organization apps. This free and easy to use app for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch is an all encompassing tool that provides all the important actions needed to make your event, whether it be social or business, run smoothly so that everyone involved knows what is happening and how to get there whilst giving them the ability to interact if there are any problems.


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