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Published 2 Nov 2011

Until I looked at this site it hadn’t really dawned on me just how many uses a good translation service has especially for businesses. I’ve worked for companies that have needed the odd legal agreement looked at but that was way back before the internet made the world a lot smaller.

Tolingo uses intelligent technology and over 6,000 native tongue translators capable of handling 220 language combinations to provide a quick turnaround of any translation requirement a business might have.

All of the common document formats are catered for and any that aren’t can probably be handled after a short call or email to the site explaining the need. If translations are needed in a format different to the original source document then that doesn’t present a problem either.

The real eye opener for me, especially when I think back to the days when you’d post off your document in a large envelope and wait for the result to come back the same way, was website translation. Tolingo offers a service that will greatly assist any business wishing to engage more personally with a particular target country.

As well as getting a translated version of a website up and running the job will nearly always be done by a native of that country who can localize the content to overcome any cultural differences. A great addition and one that could make the difference between engaging an audience and watching them move on to another site.

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