Developer description

Toonia is thrilled to announce the release and immediate availability of Toonia Jelly: Music 1.0, our new universal iOS exclusive app that brings an innovative approach to children's musical development. Discover the beautiful world of musical instruments and sounds with the help of Jelly.

Throughout history, music has been an important part of children's play and expression, from rhythms and melodies composed by children using make-due instruments during play, to nursery rhymes and songs as a part of holiday festivities. Musical engagement is important and beneficial for children's development. A large body of research on children's musical training has discovered positive effects such as improved visuo-spatial, mathematical and verbal performance, as well as linguistic development.

As technology develops, musical exploration becomes easier, more motivating and accessible from a younger age. Digital toys can be designed so that children can explore and enjoy attractive sound environments in an interactive and rewarding way. Jelly music has been developed to offer your child an encaptivating, interactive musical experience.

With the help of Jelly, your kid can learn about the functions and sounds of different instruments, and explore musical self-expression through play. Jelly is a cute virtual pet that helps your kid play different instruments - xylophone, flute, drums and many more. This playful app is full of surprises, adorable activities, animations and funny sounds. It stimulates your kid's auditory and visual senses and encourages their curiosity in a safe environment. Perfect for toddlers, fun for everyone!

Last updated 9 Jun 2014

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