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Editor's review

Published 2 Sep 2011

Here's a snappy little social networking trending tool that could bring out the voyeur in all of us. TopicStatus does just what it's name suggests. If you really want to find out what people are talking about on Facebook or showing on YouTube then this trending topic site will serve the purpose. Alternatively you can start your own hot topic and send it into cyberspace and create your own trend.

Simple to use and absolutely free, Topic Status features the simplest of interfaces. You can view the myriad of trending subjects and just click to see who is talking about it. Or you can type in your own search and see what the buzz is all about. If you feel you have something earth shattering on a subject you can put a status update together there and then.

If you are looking to find a way of seeing what's trending on Facebook or YouTube then TopicStatus is as good as any app around. Ridiculously simple to use, it achieves everything it sets out to achieve. I can see another use for a few voyeurs hunting out sexy partners too but we won't go into that here. Happy trending!