Developer description

After multiple long travels, we encountered the same problem every time we went to a foreign country: we had absolutely zero knowledge about the local cuisine. Apps like TripAdvisor do recommend restaurants, but you still don't know what you should order. Besides, most of the time they direct you to a touristy restaurant and not the local ones.

Instead of recommending good restaurants, TopTravelFoods recommends the best food a restaurant has to offer. Our focus is to navigate our users to must-try dishes and places they would never enter without any recommendation. Once the users have tried certain dishes, they have the option to rate or review that what they've tried.

We launched our app in Bangkok, the capital of one of the most interesting cuisines in the world. With over 35 million visitors each year, Bangkok is the most visited city on the planet. For us, a great city to start.

Last updated 30 Jan 2019