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Interactyx Limited ( is a global eLearning software company providing engaging and interactive learning experiences to learners, businesses and associations and nonprofit organizations of any size.
Since 1995, Interactyx has worked with educational programs to develop engaging learning management solutions. Interactyx, the developer of TOPYX, is at the forefront of developing eLearning and social learning management system solutions that engage learners and enhance collaborative learning environments.TOPYX has gained acceptance as an innovative, affordable solution to deliver a complete eLearning software solution meeting the needs of today's learner that is the best value in social LMS software.
TOPYX is an easy-to-use, hosted learning management system (LMS) with integrated social learning tools for organizations of any size. Award-winning features * Flat fee subscription * Unlimited users, bandwidth & storage * Free implementation with branding * Outstanding customer service * SCORM certified * SaaS * Quiz tools * Google Analytics Reporting * and more... request a free, personal demo!
TOPYX is a complete, hosted, award-winning LMS that won’t break the bank. It’s an easy-to-use, flexible platform that can scale to businesses, associations, academic departments and eCommerce needs of any size, and gives administrators a powerful set of tools to manage it all.
In today’s world, with organizations spanning multiple continents and people always on the go, you need a collaborative, online portal that can be accessed via the cloud from anywhere, at any time. With TOPYX’s powerful features, it makes things easy. You can manage users’ learning paths, monitor their performance, set up collaborative learning environments, leverage familiar Web 2.0 tools, and even set custom languages specific to geographic region. And, TOPYX is SCORM 2004 certified.
Whether you have 20 users, or 200,000, TOPYX is there for you. You can have unlimited users (no license fees per user) and have access to virtually unlimited bandwidth all for one very low flat fee subscription.
Keep your organization up-to-date with the best value social LMS on the market – TOPYX.

Last updated 6 Aug 2015

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