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Developer description

Torrent Video Streamer is the best application that allows you to watch any video or movie from torrent tracker! Are you interested in some videos, but don’t know how to avoid a long and fatiguing process of downloading? Then this torrent video streamer is exactly what you need! So everything you need is to have an Android based device and that’s all! Just install this app on your smartphone in a moment and all videos will be available for you!
So in order to start watching videos you should just download the torrent file from the tracker and just open it with this app. But don’t worry - such torrent files aren’t very large, so they can be downloaded just in a few seconds!
Then when you install this torrent download on your phone, the video streamer will begin to play it! As you see it’ll be possible for you to watch any video or even a movies hd! This app supports almost all video formats, so you’ll not worry about the appropriate format of the film that you liked! Just select any video or film and don’t think about such trifles as format and long downloading process!
But sometimes it’s not enough just to watch the movie or video that you liked and you may wish to save it, so we’re glad to inform you that our app does have this option! Besides video playing this cute app can also download it! Isn’t it amazing? Due to this app you will be able to rewatch the beloved videos of yours as many times as you want and without any restrictions!
Moreover all downloaded files will be automatically moved into a special folder, so it’ll again save your time, because you won’t spend a lot of time by looking for the downloaded files in every folder – just open the torrent video streamer app, click on the button “my downloads” and that’s all!
And one more great opportunity of this app is that it’s absolutely free of charge! Just imagine – you will watch anything you want just for free! It’s awesome, isn’t it?
Download this torrent video streamer and open the wonderful world of various videos and movies!

Last updated 6 Aug 2015