Developer description

A fantastic new photo application, with over 70 filters (professional and funny) completely free. Automatic recognition of faces to speed the use of effects. Upload on social networks directly within the app. Professional filters including: Auto, B&W, Sepia1, Sepia2, Vignette, Sharp, Blur, Posterize, Vintage, Vintage2, Vintage3, Vintage4, Vintag5, Vintage6, Vintage7, Film, Noir, -1.0 EV, +1.0EV, Invert, Lomo, Blue, Red, Green, Yellow, Bloom, Pixelate, Dots, Hide Faces, Add Noise, Antique, Gloom, Only Red, Only Blue, Only Green Fun filters including: Kaleido, Hope, Wanted, Text, Big Eyes, Small Eyes, Alien, Film Frame, Inside, Postcard, Summer, Autumn, Winter, Spring, Christmas, Easter, Halloween, Mother, Dad, Love Love2, Tunnel, Twirl, Vortex, Mustaches 1, Mustaches 2, Mustaches 3, Mustaches 4, Eyes1, Eyes 2, Eyes 3, Glasses 1, Glasses 2, Glasses 3

Last updated 30 Mar 2015

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