Developer description

Care across continents, without saying a word. Get real-time visibility of your family’s wellbeing, using a mobile-IOT platform for remote family care.

StayClose tells you how your family is by analysing data from their smart devices. Going beyond family locators, the app uses their mobile activity to tell track how each family member is. Are they active as usual? Have enough battery on the phone? When did they last get out of home, or speak to someone on the phone? Did they land safely?

Family members can see how their loved ones are, and receive alerts if something is amiss. The platform integrates with IOT devices so you can see if Mom is taking her meds, or Dad's walking every day.

The platform intelligently learns what 'normal' is for a user, and alerts family if they are much less active than normal. StayClose has been designed to work with minimal input from the user.

Stay Close also has a smart pillbox helps families track if medicines are being taken on time. The platform will also work with 80+ smart devices including activity monitors, smart glucometers, BP monitors, weighing scales and more.

Last updated 1 Dec 2015

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