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TouchVu provides the simplest way people can easily create a website for using thier Facebook ... More

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Published 21 Mar 2013

The creation of a website for your business, product or event has almost become essential in the age of technology that we live in. However, many smaller businesses have tended to favor things like the Facebook Business page to promote themselves or the things they are selling because of convenience and cost. But if you feel it's time to make the great leap forward into a website there a number of cheap and very worthy contenders that FeedMyApp have reviewed recently that will go some way to convince you. Aircus, Plebu and Hiccup all feature great web creation tools and now we have a new web design application that offer a slightly different take and creates a beautiful site, optimized for all devices, that takes its content directly from your Facebook page.
TouchVu is a website creation app that provides one of the quickest and simplest ways of creating a website. It does it by utilizing the information on their Facebook business page to deliver its content. With the click of a button, TouchVu instantly turns your Facebook business page into a beautiful website that is fully optimized for all devices and requires no maintenance. Once the site is created you can easily customize the look and feel of it as well as attaching a custom domain and then sharing it with your friends and potential customers. And just so you dont think this means twice as much work for you when you update your Facebook page, your...