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Guided tours for your application to stop customers getting lost

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Published 8 Nov 2012

[cont'd] key tasks in the app. Create in-application tutorials that guide your users as they use your web application and guided tours to onboard new users. Highlight features in your app, show a demo or use as a substitute for documentation. And, best of all, Tour My App has a GUI point and click tour builder so the whole thing can be done without writing complex code.
I have to admit that I always use a guided tour if there is one available in a application I'm looking at. I figure that if an app has taken the trouble to put one together they will more than likely show me everything that the app can do. Tour My App is a very useful app to ensure that your new customers know exactly what you have to offer when they take the trouble to visit you. It's a bit like the doorman at a high class department store who will tell you in detail exactly where you need to go. Instead of the friendly doorman though, Tour My App lets you introduce your visitors with interactive guided tours. It's the way all apps should be.