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Editor's review

Published 10 Jul 2012

Touristlink is a very social travel application that pins its reputation on the personalities of the locals. Whereas most travel apps deal with the places you go and the things you see, this one tells you all about the people you meet and the folks who run the hotel that you are staying in. But, of course, it doesn't end there. Touristlink also helps you find great places to visit and offers great deals from local entrepreneurs. It also has a social element where you can meet other travelers and share travel stories and favorite destinations.
Touristlink is the social platform for travel where you can meet fellow travelers and local providers, share information, suggest new attractions and create lists of your favorite destinations to share with friends. This new social marketplace lets you get to know firsthand the locals behind the tour, dive shop or the small hotel you plan to stay. Travelers can find unique trip ideas and offers direct from local providers as well as seeing reviews of the product from other travelers. The Touristlink marketplace is seamlessly built into a content rich social platform where travellers can interact with each other and with local businesses. You can decide whether to buy anything by interacting directly with providers and reading reviews from other customers. Post your travel needs and get offers directly from other members. Touristlink provides travelers with lists of attractions at each destination based on member rankings and reviews.
You probably know by now the FeedMyApp office's love of travel apps and it's nice to see this social marketplace and travel app providing a slightly different take on the subject. Touristlink centers it's attention on people as much as it does places. It covers all the interesting places to go as well, of course, but it's main interest is with fellow travelers and their travel stories as well as local providers around the world. To prove the reliability of providers you just have to read the reviews and recommendations of other travelers to find the best bargains.

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