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Published 27 Oct 2011

When it comes to starting a business it’s hard enough to find the time to get all the ducks in line before it launches let alone after. Throughout all of this activity the one thing you must continue to do is spread the word and market, market, market!

Of course these days the use of email is ever increasing but even that can be time consuming with a long list of recipients basically getting the same message. The other issue of course is once you’ve hit send a hundred times how do you know who’s read it and for those that have how does the response stack up to previous efforts?

Tout can help you get a handle on all of these issues however it is not a tool for spamming a huge list of names purchased from an agency so let’s get that clear early on. The benefits are the ability to introduce templates for your emails, track who reads them and provide helpful analysis.

Templates will obviously speed up the time taken to write individual emails however it is possible to send these to small groups despite the ban on spamming. You will then be able to see not just who looked at the email but if any of them clicked on an included link. You can mark emails according to success and keep a record of what templates are having the right effect. The analysis section also presents clear and colorful graphics to give you a general overview of what’s working throughout your campaigns.

The system can of course be shared amongst a group and prices range from $12 to $99 a month and cover a single user up to a group of 10.

For anyone relying on email to promote their business this app will certainly take the hard work out of it plus has the added bonus of making sense of the reactions.

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