Developer description

TrackAnyone - Location Spy application is specially designed to track the people of your contact list who has installed Track Anyone application and it also find the information of the people from Track Anyone database.
It provide safety,SOS message in danger,parental control & tracking and will help you to track your loved ones, friends and your team.
If you want to keep a watch on your family members, friends and anyone than just install this app on their smart phones and you can easily see live location updates of them at anytime.
TrackAnyone - Location Spy uses GPS Tracking technology to locate accurately the people you care and provide real-time location updates using GPS navigation.
Features –
1. Family Safety
2. Parental Control Follow your child's movements during the day.
3. Know where a family member is at any time.
4. Find the exact location of your loveones.
5. Track an employee's travel route.
6. Locate friends any time.
7. Map/List view based user interface.
8. SOS Alert and Send Message While in Danger
How to use –
1. Download Track Anyone Application from apple store and suggest any one to whom you want to track.
2. Tell them to register their mobile no.
3. Go to add users section through menu icon.
4. Here you will find your contact list and you can easily find that
the other user is using his application or not with application
icon, If he/she is not having the application than you send the
message with the download link in his/her message box.
5. You can also share the application with share button with your
friend to track them.
6. You will find the list of all those application users to whom you
want to track on your phone on map/list view.

TrackAnyone - Location Spy is useful application for everyone for providing family safety,alert message,parental control & tracking.

Last updated 28 Apr 2015

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