Developer description

A very simple app but yet to see anything similar on App Store – this makes us think that this app is unique.

The problem the App addresses –

1. There are specialist apps for each but are too complex or big for many users e.g. apps related to exercise , health , drinking water , finance etc.
2. There may not be any simple specialist app for some things that you want to monitor e.g. how long does my kid study.

How TrackerButtons addresses this problem –

1. Very simple app without need for requiring lot of inputs to use. Create buttons in this app , give it a suitable name on what you want to track and then just click on the button to log entries. Later you can see graph of how you are trending.
2. You can give any name to the button allowing you to monitor anything for which a specialist app doesn’t exit. There are 3 types of buttons that you can create -

1. Count - To count anything e.g. number of days you exercised.

2. Duration - To measure duration of an activity. e.g. how much time do I spend in front of Screens ( mobile , computer , tv ) etc.

3. Value - To record any value e.g. any bills that you pay. You can record the item name and how much you paid.

Other features –

You can create private buttons ( which require password ) to monitor anything more personal / confidential.
You can export log of all the buttons or each button for further analysis ( say using spreadsheet ).
You can tag your entries with audio , picture , video , text , location.
You can set an alarm for a button to remind you of that activity ( e.g. alert on Drink Water button you created can remind you to drink water ).

There are 2 versions of the app –
TrackerButtons Lite (free version with In-App purchase.This has limited features like limit on number of buttons )
TrackerButtons Pro (Paid version )

Last updated 3 Oct 2015

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