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Thousands die each year from Influenza. You can help keep others informed and maybe even help ... More

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Published 23 Nov 2011

For the oldest and youngest amongst us flu season spells danger. That's why so many people rush out and get flu jabs every year. For the rest of us it's a week of misery and aches and pains and expensive trips to the doctor and days off work. Not a pleasant thought. As my old mum used to say, prevention is better than cure and how right that is. If you could see where pockets of influenza were occurring it might be an idea not to go there. TrackFlu is a health and crowdsourcing tool that logs in map form just where NOT to go to avoid people with the dreaded disease.

Thousands die each year from Influenza. You can help keep everyone healthier and better informed this flu season and maybe even help minimize the spread. Just submit any information on friends or family members who may have fallen sick and tell what you know to The life you save may be your own. So how does TrackFlu work, you may ask? It's much simpler than you think. Just start off by selecting your city or location then leave your email address and TrackFlu will send you email alerts when disease is reported at a place near you. But gets deeper. You can even split the reports that come back from the field as verified or unverified reports of sickness. 

I guess that anything that prevents you from getting sick this flu season it's got to be a good thing. When a flu epidemic breaks out in a suburb you'd be surprised at how quickly it spreads and there are so many strains these days they can really wipe you out. That means no work, trips to the doctor, medicine as well as the fact that you feel as if you've just been pulled through a hedge backwards. It makes sense to stay well. TrackFlu is an easy to use health crowdsourcing tool that could save you from getting sick.

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