Developer description

TrackNums is an online tool for scraping numbers from web sites and build charts based on them. No need special programming skills to get numbers from sites.

You'll be able to track situation in your region & in the whole world on a day-to-day basis. You will instantly get reliable information on prices & discounts in stores, cost history, as well as on global changes in money rates on world stock exchanges. You will know if prices for natural resources changes.

You will be well notify about weather & climate changes, popular vacancies for specific professions & exact number of offers from employers. It is possible for you to to track number of subscribers and views on youtube or "Likes","Talking" on Facebook. In short, it will be feasible to get any information that you find interested.

You can select any site from where the numbers will be taken. It takes only three steps to add them to dashboard. Information will be displayed on your page in kind of charts that you can later place on your web-page, weblog or forum.

Last updated 6 Aug 2015