Developer description

TradeEzi is a must have app for any home or business owner with little time on their hands and a multiple of jobs needing to be completed! Working with both iOS and Android, the app works by allowing the user to post a job description onto an online directory. ranging from electrical, plumbing, landscaping, cleaning, repair, construction, etc, TradeEzi has all the information you need to connect you with the best person for the job.
When a project is listed on the app or website, it is sent to a large number of service providers simultaneously who can the respond with quotes, request visits or provider other credential / information. This app is a brilliant option any home or business owner as it saves time and money. The best thing about it is that the tradies come to you!
Did i also mention its completely free? No more tedious phone calls sitting on hold or waiting for quotes. in less than 2 minutes your job can be posted and you can pursue other tasks while quotes are formulated and sent back. The app also allows service providers to create profiles, expand their work areas and upload any relevant credentials to increase their reach when jobs are listed. Because of this, the app is a win win for both parties. It acts and as open channel linking people together quickly and with minimal hassle.
Because of its utility, this app is a perfect addition to any home or business owners arsenal!

Last updated 6 Aug 2015

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