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Like Ebay, but you barter and swap instead - no money changes hands

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A giant "swap-shop". A bartering version of EBay. This is where you come if you want to trade ... More

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Published 26 Nov 2011

Tradeomics is kinda like a cross between eBay and bartering. Whereas with eBay it's more a question of bidding money on the item you want, with Tradeomics you can decide what you want to trade for that precious item you have found. It's the perfect barter system. You can negotiate back and forth until the deal suits you both and accept or decline trades but, all in all, it's up to you to decide if the deal is a good one or not.

Add. Negotiate. Agree. Ship. These are the mantra words that Tradeomics swears by. This trading and shopping tool lets you browse by categories or search for something specific. So here's how Tradeomics works. Select the category for your item and upload a photo and give an estimated value. Set the condition and fill other fields for various categories. If you see something you want just choose the item and your item to propose for the trade. Even after a trade is proposed there is no obligation and you can accept or decline trade requests and negotiate back and forth. You might have to do a bit of negotiating to get the item you want. Maybe it'll be a straight one for one deal or two for two but if you really want it you might have to offer a little bit more to get your prized item. If you have something special it might even go your way. You decide how many...