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Published 11 Dec 2011

[cont'd] ideas with people all over the world no matter where you are.

When you publish your charts you can do it with a single click and others can comment and vote on them. When you share a unique link with your friends or followers, old and new, online sharing lets others see instant updates you make. This is where your standing in the TradingView community can rise and your total rating of your charts raises your personal rating in the community. TradingView is a very powerful and useful investment tool for those of you who like to 'bet' on stocks and shares. Whether at home or out on the street of commuting you can view real-time market charts and your personal files wherever there is an Internet connection and at any time of day or night. This is vitaly important in the cutthroat world of stocks and shares where it can be essential to act on a tip or idea immediately.

Security is of paramount importance as your information is stored for free in the cloud with backup protection carried out by it's powerful engine. If you want knowledge of which direction the market is heading you can read the papers but if you want a few tips on individual companies you might want to invest in then TradingView has to be worth a look. It might make you a never know your luck.