Developer description

Traklight offers free versions of the paid SaaS products ID your IP® and IP Vault®, known as the free Business Risk Assessment and Basic Vault respectively. The main difference between ID your IP and the Business Risk Assessment is the latter does not allow users to access the last four sections of the ID your IP questionnaire, so users will not be able to enter or receive information about intellectual property and intangible assets (the most valuable asset within any business).
Basic Vault is limited to 60 GB of cloud storage space and only allows one user with one other to share with. Every business owner will be able to get use out of the free Business Risk Assessment. Users receive customized and actionable reports to mitigate business risk — normally this kind of information is only found through several thousands of dollars worth of professional fees, or it’s too confusing when doing it on your own, or it takes too much time for early stage businesses to follow through with.

Last updated 18 Apr 2015

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