Developer description

trakt is a TV show and movie recommendation service. We’re different than other sites since we automatically keep a record of what you are watching and don’t rely on manual check ins. We are a social platform with a strong community emphasis. Just browse around the site and you’ll see how the community drives the content. Everything from trending shows and movies to personal recommendations are directly influenced by the trakt community.
trakt is also a great way to keep a comprehensive history of all tv shows and movies you have watched. Use one of our supported media center plugins and start sending us this data automatically. Once it’s setup, we’ll keep tracking your history effortlessly in the background. Fill in shows and movies you’ve watched prior to trakt using the website or API.
Share your trakt profile with your friends and family so they know what you are watching and can easily check out your media library. Even easier, connect your facebook, twitter, and tumblr accounts to have trakt automatically share updates on your behalf. We also provide several widgets that you can use on your forum signature or on your blog. And if that still isn’t enough, we provide a very robust API so go nuts and create your own mash ups!

Last updated 28 Apr 2011