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translation checki is an application where machine translation can be done very lightly. ■App ... More

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Published 22 May 2013

I guess most of us still use Google Translate when it comes to getting accurate translations of foreign language text. It's not too difficult to do except that it takes a few click and pastes and then there's the question of how much text you can translate at any one time, of course. So when an app like this one for iOS comes along, it does make the regular translator sit up and take notice. Translation Cheki takes the cut and paste hassle out of translation by having the app running constantly in the background so all your need to do is to copy the text and Cheki does the rest of the work.
Translation Checki is an application where machine translation can be done very lightly. When doing translations with traditional translation applications like Google one has to copy the text from applications such as Safari and Mail and then start up the translation application. Translation Cheki is a very convenient application because, by starting up the application just once, it uses a mechanism in the background that monitors the clipboard. Then all you have to do is to copy your Safari or Mail text and the translation results will automatically be accumulated - with Microsoft translator used for the translation. The results of the translation can be easily found through the usual keyword search etc. The app 'observes' the content of your paste board in the background. When new sentences are copied your text will be translated continuously and, after your copy work is done, it let’s you go back to the app to see the translated sentences.
Well, as much as it seems ridiculous to mess with a service as good as Google Translate, this one does streamline the whole thing very nicely. For someone that uses translations on a regular basis this is going to save an awful lot of time. For researchers, you can even add notes to your translated sentences. Translation Cheki corresponds to many different languages including Arabic, Chinese, Thai and Hindi as well as all the obvious ones. It's very easy to use and is absolutely free.

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