Developer description

Transno is an outline-based mind management tool that combines outlines, notes, and mind maps.

✔️Create a mind map with one single tap
✔️Enjoy a more organized writing style
✔️Share documents across formats
✔️Real-time collaboration boosts teamwork productivity
✔️Cloud storage & multi-end synchronization to check notes anytime anywhere

It is minimalist from the inside out, easy to get started, but powerful enough to help you complete great creations.
Here are some key features about Transno:
• one click to mind map
• infinitely nested lists
• zoom in any sublist
• easy to expand and collapse
• arrange any content with drag & drop
• label items with # and @ tags
• add notes to items
• cloud synchronization
• mark items as complete
• global search for all text
• insert pictures
• change font color(RTF)

Last updated 28 Dec 2019

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