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Published 23 Mar 2021

Even in a normal year, our day-to-day living can be so hectic that surely we could all benefit from having a little calmness and tranquility in our lives from time to time. However, given the lives that we are leading now, I would think that it would become even more essential. While the rest of the world goes mad with the stresses of life, meditative people seem to be much calmer, much more centered and seem to be able to cope with most things that the world throws at them. 

There are plenty of meditation apps available on the app market and most have their merits to recommend them. Trasa (pronounced traw-suh) is part of the next generation of mindfulness apps that is designed for busy people like you and me. As much as anything else, the reason that it caught our attention initially was for its simplicity and effectiveness. Trasa's aim is to help you achieve emotional calm and clarity by immersing your sensations in scientifically matched sensory stimuli. The app frees your mind and helps you to refresh, focus and relax via textures, colors, sounds and vibrations. 

It's a very simple app to use. Start off by simply tapping the 'sessions' button and you'll be presented with one of a series of calming images on your screen. You can scroll through them to find an image that best suits your current state of mind. Click on the image to open a session or...