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Travel To Little Known Places is a fun website with humorous stories of a couple's adventures to little-known and unusual places.

We share our experiences in a very down-to-earth, conversational style, and readers say they feel like they are right there with us sharing our experiences vicariously.

The stories are rich with beautiful high-quality photographs and travel tips that allow you to travel inexpensively, yet comfortably (no backpacking or hostels) to off-the-beaten path amazing places!

Both T and I are fascinated with other cultures, loving to be included in any local festivities, gorging ourselves on exotic foods, and trying a few exciting new things like zip-lining, or white-water rafting, or canoeing on the ocean, or searching for crocodiles in the Amazon swamp at midnight by flashlight!

So if you're bored with typical travel and package deals, get some new ideas at Travel To Little Known Places.

Don’t worry, we also like quiet places with miles of fine white sand beaches and turquoise waters. Oh, and islands – we love those.

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Last updated 25 Aug 2014